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Payments & Agreements

Credit Express will charge a reservation fee to reserve an appointment for the project start date. * Typically $200 depending on time of season.* This fee is partially refundable if client decides to renege on the set start date. 5 days prior to  the beginning of the start date, half of quote minus the reservation fee will be paid. Final payment will be extracted on closing day of project. 

Non-compliance to  payment schedule will result in  termination of a clients account unless communication is made and understood to do otherwise. The account may be reinstated depending on the results of a full investigation on the client's account. If a client decides to be remove from the program 15 days or less prior to the project due date, they will not be issued a refund on reservation fee.

We accept payments from all major credit and debit cards.

We also accept payments by cashapp and paypal. Make payment via square cash to $Expressonline or $Expressex

We do not accept cash, money gram, western union, money orders, or checks!

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Terms and Conditions

1)  Credit Express requires that every establishes a start date, and pays the reservation fee within 7 days of reservation being made. 

2) Credit Express will provide a free quote to anyone who wishes to see what type of work needs to be done and the costs. 

3) Credit Express requires first half of payment within 15 days of start date. Second half of payment is due on closing date of project. 

4) Credit Express is not responsible for any damages made by a third or second party, before project start date, during ongoing project work, or after closing date. Pictures will be taken before, during, and after. 

5) Any refund request will be evaluated by Credit Express. If it is the case that Credit Express is at fault after such an evaluation, then the refund request will be accepted. However if Credit Express is unable to do a full evaluation due to lack of information given or received from the client, then Credit Express is not obligated to refund a client's money. 

6) Client is responsible for materials needed, if client wishes for company to purchase materials needed (reasons being lack of experience/time), additional fees may be included in quote. 

*Reservation fees are Non-Refundable once within 15 days of start date.

*Late Fee - If payment is not received on the due date, then a late penalty will be added to a client's balance... Unless otherwise discussed.

By signing up, you agree to all terms and conditions stated above.