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By Dave Johnson
This company actually does what they say they can do. Very impressed with their honesty and integrity. Highly recommended!!!
By Greg Malone
Not the greatest company for credit repair but awesome for tradelines and customer service!! I give em 3 outta 5 Stars...
By Miles Borstien
Just got 3 credit cards thru this company for a total of 14k...Highly recommended!!
By Lloyd Irving
Unfortunately for most of my adult life my credit health was very poor. I was introduced to Credit Express through a friend that used the service, and decided it was time to get my credit back on track. I am very happy with the decision I made, and would highly recommend Credit Express to anyone that needs help with their credit. They are very professional and patient, and made me feel like I was their number one focus, which was very much appreciated. Since starting with Credit Express services, I've been approved for top level credit cards and a car loan with a very low APR.
By Saif Turner
I had absolutely hands down the worst looking credit profile you could have couldn’t get approved for lightbulbs if I applied. But after lots of hard work and following through the game plan they had outlined for me I’ve never been in a better position.
By Cornell McDonald
I started off with a fair credit score. I didn't understand what it truly meant to have and maintain credit until Credit Express was referred to me. I have always been responsible when it came to managing my credit and finances, but after about an hour long initial conversation, I, without a shadow of a doubt, gained a lifetime of knowledge. Through Credit Express, not only did my knowledge increase, but my credit score did significantly! They have made things possible for me that I didn't even know were possible.
By Davis Turner
I went from a beginner in the credit field to not only increasing my credit score tremendously but also obtaining vast knowledge in the credit field. Results results results!!!!
By Abdellatif Boudaouch
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By marjorie alvarado
“No creia que me podian arreglar mi credito, hace varios meses dialogue con unos de los de credit express y me explico todo lo que ellos iban a hacer,me elaboró un plan,ellos elaboraron las cartas a los 3 buros y las mandaron por correo certificado me dijo que esperara respuesta de los reportes de credito,Ahora ya 90 dias despues ya mi credito a ido subiendo de 474 q lo tenia ya esta en 662 y estoy muy contenta porque me removieron cuentas que tenia producto de la ignorancia de la juventud,3 colecciones, si les recomiendo que crean porque si se puede arreglar su credito.
By William R. Stair
Credit Express raised my credit score immensely and I could not have done it without their help and expertise. I thank you so much!
By Bri Fuhrman
Dear Credit Express Team, Thank you!! Because of your professional credit management expertise, I have realized the importance of having and maintaining a GOOD credit rating. The decision to become a Platinum Club Member has changed my life, my vision and my opportunity to reach the American Dream by doing three things better: managing credit privileges extended to me, controlling my spending, and making on-time payments. Again, I cannot tell you enough the level of my appreciation for all your hard work. Sincerely, Bri Ann Fuhrman
By Arthur Jeffers Jackson III
Credit Express literally gave me a fresh start. Before, I was stressed out and exhausted from being turned down from lender to lender. As of now, I'm currently in the phase of purchasing a home. I'm more confident and I feel more secure. I want to extend a very big THANK YOU to the Credit Express family.
By Yusuf
Ok, I just want to say that this company has been phenomenal. I started with no credit at all, but with Credit Express's help, I recently got approved for a credit card for over $6000! Thanks, Credit Express!!
By Hanif J
Years ago I completely destroyed my credit to the point where I couldn't get approved for smallest things. I completely gave up on credit until I was referred to creditexpress. They helped me go from very poor credit to very good credit in months. Now I'm getting nonstop credit offers from all major credit card companies.And my credit is still rising. They are very professional and have all the knowledge and experience to turn your credit life around. I am very satisfied. Thank you credit express
By Ismail Mumin
Great company! I've been with this company for several months. I started with "okay" credit to having "Excellent" credit. With this program, I was able to refinance my vehicle, getting a much lower interest rate. I'm now in the process of shopping for my very first home! I'm very pleased with the customer service. Any questions or concerns I've had, I received a fairly quick response. Great monthly prices as well... Thank you Credit Express!
By M.Thomas
I made a lot of bad decisions regarding my credit while I was young. Credit Express has helped me get back on track and take control of my credit. They are very helpful and have great insight to help me achieve my goals.
By M.Bey
I made a lot of mistakes as a young man with my credit really just being irresponsible, and uneducated. As I have grown in maturity my credit score did not grow with me. I'm a family man and couldn't do anything for my family. Thanks to these guys in 4 short months my credit went from 515 to 680 and climbing. I'm now in a position to make some moves happen. Thank guys I appreciate the work you put in for me.
By Bashir Aziz
A amazing company that delivered results! I was impressed at how fast I saw results keep up the good work!!!
By Hasan Watson
I started with this company with a credit score of 535. They helped guide me to to get a 7 and 6 thousand dollar credit card. So overall I have $17,000 of credit worth and a credit score of 741.thank you creditexpress


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