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Payments & Agreements

Credit Express will charge an activation fee. * Typically the same amount as the tradeline you will be added to.* This activation fee is not refundable. Then on the following 10th, 1st, or 25th of every month, the client's monthly fee is due. You may also save $5 per month off of your bill when you pay up for at least 4 months in advance. 

Missed payments will result in immediate termination of a clients account unless communication is made and received to do otherwise. The account may be reinstated depending on the results of a full investigation on the client's account. If a client decides to be remove from the program 15 days or less prior to their payment due date, they will be required to make their full months payment. 

Dispute Clients

Clients that sign up for our credit scrubbing program have some additional requirements. Every client must have a credit monitoring system that shows all 3 credit bureaus so we can do our job effectively. Clients are also required to make sure that they have access to the email that Credit Express has on file, as the emails will contain important time sensitive information for the successful completion of the clients account along with policy updates and more. Refer to our affiliates tab for more information on our disputing program. Every dispute client must read our full diclosure section regarding credit repair. Every client has to know and understand their rights over credit express as their primary source for credit repair and what to expect for any other credit repair company they may sign up for in the future.

We accept payment via Debit, square cash, Direct Deposit.

Make payment via square cash to $Cexpress


*Activation Fee is due upon signing up

(For payment options refer to Payments & Agreements)

*Upon signing up please have your credit Monitoring log in credentials ready, so an agent can complete the sign up process

(Credit Karma, Credit Sesame Etc)

*A Photo copy of your Social Security Card and Driver's License/ State ID front and back is required to complete the sign up process

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Terms and Conditions

    Credit Express requires that every client uses a credit monitoring system such as,, or in order to view their credit profile. Credit Express will charge $10 for any  monitoring system we create for the client. Credit Express also requires two government issued forms of identification. However, these two forms are not needed to sign up, but the client will have to submit them at their earliest convenience in order to receive the product or servive they are requesting. The following information is contingent upon this.

Credit Express is not responsible for cleaning a client's credit report unless you have signed up for that program specifically. Any negative accounts on a client's report will be their responsibility unless the aforementioned has been completed. Any refund request will be evaluated by Credit Express. If it is the case that Credit Express is at fault after such an evaluation, then the refund request will be accepted. However if Credit Express is unable to do a full evaluation due to lack of information given or received from the client, then Credit Express is not obligated to refund a client's money. If a client signs up for our disputing program, He/she is responsible for completing certain tasks given by their dispute agent. Credit Express or the agent assigned does not hold any obligation to a client that does not follow the instructions provided to him/her by their dispute agent. The client will receive at least two phone, text, or email contacts per month.

*Activation fees are Non-Refundable

*Late Fee - If payment is not received on the  due date, then a late penalty will be added to a client's balance... Unless otherwise discussed.

(Late fee's are half of a clients monthly payment)

By signing up, you agree to all terms and conditions stated above.