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Get immediate access to licensed credit consultants who specialize in helping you to understand credit, how to use it, how to maintain it, and most of all how to gain the maximum benefit from your credit profile. 

1,000 Slot(s) available
$0.00 Tradeline
2 years 9 months
$35.00 Per Month

A Credit Express Exclusive Service

We will coach and advised you on the various aspects of financial literacy. We will monitor your credit profile and provide you with full access to the company's consulting staff. You will not be required to send any of your vitals in ( drivers license and social security card ). At your convenience, you can schedule phone sessions that will last 15 to 30 minutes. You are free to cancel the service prior to the following month however, if you have had more than 1 session that month, you will be required to pay the monthly fee. This service is included with any tradeline that is purchased. This service is not included with our disputing program. 

Latest Testimonial

By Dave Johnson
This company actually does what they say they can do. Very impressed with their honesty and integrity. Highly recommended!!!