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Products & Prices

     Here at Credit Express, we offer an ever increasing variety of products to our clientele.

     These products and their prices are listed below:

  • Setting up C.M.S

          Opting into creating a Credit Monitoring Service (C.M.S) thru us will cost $10 for set up..

  • Credit Monitoring Service (C.M.S) 

          With the Credit Monitoring Service (C.M.S.), we will monitor your credit profile on each of the three bureaus and notify you of any changes. We will also coach, guide, and provide you with next level information regarding the credit world. This will be billed at $30 monthly.

  • Tradelines 

          Tradelines are Credit Express' flagship products. The prices for these tradelines range from $55 to $170. Billing is monthly.

  • Referral

          You will recieve $10 residual credit to your bill, or as a monthly payment to you for every client you successfully refer to Credit Express as long as that client remains with us. All accounts, previous or current must be in good standing to recieve any referral money.

  • Gambler Dispute

          This is a no-guarantee attempt to remove some accounts off of your credit profile by disputing them on a month to month or need to do basis. This will cost $35 per item per bureau .

  • Franchise agent training

         For the purpose of training a person/client on how to become a representative for credit express.

  • Monthly Disputes

          You can have the Dispute Department at Credit Express dispute accounts on your credit report every month. This service costs $110 to set up, and $99  monthly. After completion is confirmed, there will be an additional charge for disputing more items.

  • One-time payment dispute

          You may request to have one account on your credit report disputed a single time. The cost of this service will vary based on the total debt for that account. If over or under a specific amount. you may discuss options with a dispute agent