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Anatomy of bad credit vs good credit

Bad credit vs Good credit

If you want to have a more productive income with less hassle, then good credit is what you're looking for. A lot of people nowadays tend to shy away from credit because they don't understand it. But once you learn the perks of good credit, you are on the express to a healthy finacial lifestyle. Everyone knows that when you have bad credit it is very inconvenient. On the flipside, if your credit is good then the possibilities are endless. Putting more credit in your corner minimizes the debt you face when used properly. With good credit your on top of the mountain, but with bad credit you are standing at the bottom looking up. For instance when dealing with car notes, loans, and mortgage's, having good credit would give you the best fixed rates with minimum interest if any. Where as with bad credit if you do get approved, you will for sure, have the highest interest rates. So its safe to conclude that the best course of action for anyone would be to have good credit as a trump card for anything life throws at you.